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Sample Case Brief Essays

Sample Case Brief Essays Sample Case Brief Paper Sample Case Brief Paper Kathryn Myrick Business Law 1 Professor McDonnell Case Brief A. 5 Braun v. Soldier of Fortune Magazine Inc. , 968 F. 2d 1110 (11th Cir. 1992) FACTS:In 1985 Michael Savage placed an ad in the Soldier of Fortune Magazine (â€Å"SOF†) advertising â€Å"Gun For Hire†. The ad ran from June 1985 to March 1986 generating an average of 30-40 call per week for jobs ranging from murder, kidnapping, assault and other criminal activity. After three previous failed attempts on his business partner Richard Braun’s life by Bruce Gastwirth , he contacted and hired Savage to commit the murder of Braun. Savage along with associates John Moore and Sean Doutre went to Braun’s home to carry out the act shot and killed Braun in front of his sixteen year old son Michael Braun who was also shot and wounded by the assailants. Michael and Ian Braun filed a lawsuit against â€Å"SOF† magazine alleging negligence. ISSUE(S): (1) Did Soldier of Fortune Magazine negligently advertised the ad breaching the duty of care? 2) Did SOF Magazine know of the potential risks by placing the ad in the magazine? (3) Did the ad contribute to the proximate cause of the murder of Richard Braun? HOLDING: The district court’s assertion that the publisher is liable for damages and negligently placed an advertisement that was apparent for substantial danger and potentially harmful to the public. The trial court’s langu age of the advertisement was the proximate cause of Braun’s injuries that he sustained. RULE OF LAW: To prevail in an action for negligence in Georgia a party must establish the following elements: (1) Legal duty to conform to a standard of conduct raised by the law for the protection of others against unreasonable risks of harm. (2) A breach of this standard. (3) A legally attributable causal connection between the conduct and the resulting injury (4) Some loss or damage flowing to the Plaintiff’s legally protected interest as a result of the alleged breach of the legal duty. CONCLUSION: The court AFFIRMS the district court’s judgment.

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4 Criminals Prosecuted During the American Civil War

4 Criminals Prosecuted During the American Civil War The conditions that captured Union soldiers endured at the Confederacy’s Andersonville Prison were horrific. During the 18 months that the prison was in operation, nearly 13,000 Union soldiers died from malnutrition, disease, and exposure to the elements due to inhumane treatment by Andersonville’s Commander Henry Wirz.  So it really should come as no surprise that his prosecution for war crimes after the South’s surrender is the most well-known trial resulting from the Civil War.  But it is not as commonly known that there were almost one thousand other military prosecutions of Confederates. Many of these were due to the mistreatment of captured Union soldiers. Henry Wirz Henry Wirz took command of Andersonville Prison on March 27, 1864, about one month after the first prisoners arrived there.  One of Wirz’s first acts was to create an area called the dead-line fence, designed to increase security by keeping prisoners away from the stockade wall. Any prisoner who crossed the â€Å"dead-line† was subject to being shot by the prison guards.  During Wirzs reign as commander, he used threats to keep prisoners in line. When threats didn’t appear to work, Wirz ordered sentries to shoot prisoners.  In May 1865, Wirz was arrested at Andersonville and transported to Washington, D.C. to await trial.  Wirz was tried for conspiring to injure and/or kill captured soldiers by improperly denying them access to food, medical supplies, and clothing. He was also charged with murder for personally executing a number of prisoners. Approximately 150 witnesses testified against Wirz at his military trial, which lasted from August 23 to October 18, 1865.  After being found guilty of all charges against him, Wirz was sentenced to death and hanged on November 10, 1865. James Duncan James Duncan was another officer from Andersonville Prison who was also arrested.  Duncan, who had been assigned to the quartermasters office, was convicted of manslaughter for intentionally withholding food from the prisoners.  He was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor but escaped after serving only one year of his sentence. Champ Ferguson At the onset of the Civil War, Champ Ferguson was a farmer in Eastern Tennessee. This areas population was fairly equally divided between supporting the Union and the Confederacy.  Ferguson organized a guerilla company that attacked and killed Union sympathizers.  Ferguson also acted as a scout for Colonel John Hunt Morgans Kentucky cavalry, and Morgan promoted Ferguson to the rank of Captain of Partisan Rangers.  The Confederate Congress passed a measure called the Partisan Ranger Act which allowed for the recruitment of irregulars into service.  It should be noted that due to a lack of discipline amongst Partisan Rangers, General Robert E. Lee called for the repeal of the Act by the Confederate Congress in February 1864.  After a trial before a military tribunal, Ferguson was convicted of killing more than 50 captured Union soldiers. He was executed by hanging in October 1865. Robert Kennedy Robert Kennedy was a Confederate officer who had been captured by Union forces and was imprisoned at Johnson’s Island Military Prison. The prison was located in Sandusky Bay, which is on the Lake Erie coast just a few miles from Sandusky, Ohio.  Kennedy escaped from Johnson’s Island in October 1864, making his way into Canada - which maintained neutrality towards both sides.  Kennedy met up with several Confederate officers who were using Canada as a launching  pad to conduct war acts against the Union. He participated in a plot to start fires at numerous hotels, as well as at a museum and a theatre in New York City, with the intent to overwhelm local authorities.  All the fires were either put out quickly or failed to do any damage.  Kennedy was the only one who was captured.  After a trial before a military tribunal, Kennedy was executed by hanging in March 1865.

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Media studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Media studies - Essay Example It shall aim at the way the newspapers are written edited and made. Research proposal Review of the prior newspapers I endeavored the reviewing of the earlier newspapers so as to have the prior knowledge of the news papers. The review is aimed at establishing the exploration degree in the field of research. It is now vivid that after the analysis of the other newspapers, I realized that this field has been explored thoroughly but I will conduct a research or the other reasons that I will mention later. After conducting the prior review, I realized that the main problems likely to occur during the actual study. The problems that occurred There were power shortcuts There were no cooperative respondents. There was a lot of the work There were several researchers in the site. Schedule 7.00-7.30: The troop left to the media house. 8.00-8.30: The troop arrived in the news room and introduced to the attendants 9.00: The troop started the study and answering the questions. 10.00-10.30: The t roop went for the breakfast in the canteen within the compound. 10.30-1.00: The team proceeded and conducted the actual study. 1.00-4.00: After the lunch hour, the troop proceeded and conducted the study. ... I have an aim to promote the newspaper publishing press by informing the companies the essence of advertising through the newspaper. I will also encourage the upcoming generations people like the students the essence of studying the journalism so as to promote this newspaper sector. Buy establishing the exact figure of the company that advertises its products through the news papers, I will deliver the information to the relevant companies and prospective consumers of the companies. Then the information that is delivered shall be used by the customers to gauge when to find the products, where to find it and who supplies the product. Similarly, the associated companies shall serve to find the potential customers through the newspapers and also know when to meet them. A successful research shall help to establish the major challenges that are usually faced by the editors. This is because, by getting to know what the editors are bored largely with, we shall try to solve the situation. I f it is the idea of the modern printing devises or any thing else, stands a chance to be solved. In this case, solving means that working on it and getting him better ways. This is through writing the report to the willing people who can help donate the cash to bring out the change. The report is also written to the central government to help solve the problem (Greene, 2005). This research shall only help to gauge out net requirements t to meet the position of editing. This is because; I have to stimulate most of the upcoming minds and students to pursue the related courses so as to become the editors of the newspapers. This is because; editing is one of the fields of study that should be thoroughly pursued by most people (Basu, 2010). My research is also aimed at establishing

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An audit on the appropriate completion of the venous thromboembolism Dissertation

An audit on the appropriate completion of the venous thromboembolism (VTE) risk assessment and adequate thromboprophylaxis durin - Dissertation Example Certain patient subsets display VTE pathologies of idiopathic causes, with no apparent identifiable risk factors. Therapeutic anticoagulation is the cornerstone of management in all patients with VTE, in many cases, standard anticoagulants such as heparin are included as therapeutic options in normal practice. (Schulman et al 2009) Adjunctive treatments, such as thrombolysis and the use of vena cava filters, are prescribed in certain cases. Pregnancy is among several risk factors for deep venous thrombosis, in addition to minor injuries and surgery. (Van Stralen et al. 2008) But those with a familial history of thrombophilia-related blood conditions are at an increased risk. (American College of Obstetricians 2000) Most physicians do not recommend general screening for the patient population at large, and several studies attest to the need for a regimen of targeted testing for VTE conditions only when a battery of predisposing factors is extant. ( Robertson et al. 2006) (Osinbowale e t al. 2010) Of particular instance in this case is the degree to which proper screening is conducted for pregnant women, both upon admittance to Maternity, and postpartum. SCREENING Diagnostic testing for inherited or acquired thrombophilic conditions is advisable in the presence of personal or family history indicating heightened risk factors. The Factor V Leiden and prothrombin G20210A mutations are the most common genetic thrombophilic disorders, and antiphospholipid antibody syndrome is the most clinically significant acquired defect. Venous thromboembolism often results from the interplay between a series of risk factors. 50% of pregnant women with also exhibit thrombophilia. (Nelson-Piercey 2004) (Zotz et al. 2003) Understanding these VTE risks increases the probability of timely prevention and diagnosis. Virchow’s triad refers to 3 abnormalities that promote thrombogenesis: hypercoagulability, stasis, and endothelial dysfunction or injury. (Van Stralen et al. 2008) (Os inbowale et al. 2010) Several predisposing factors alter ? 1 components of Virchow’s triad. In a systematic analysis of 1231 consecutive patients treated for VTE, 96% exhibited > 1 recognized risk factor. Venous thromboembolism risk factors as may be hereditary or acquired. (Osinbowale et al. 2010) (Dresang et al. 2008) Osinbowale et al. 2010 Provides a ranking of predisposing risks from to lowest to highest in terms of probability: 1.) Obesity LOW 2.) Elderly 3.) Varicose veins (Varicosity) 4.) Laparoscopy 5.) Stasis (Immobility, due to long-term bed rest) 6.) CV catheterization 7.) Any other medical condition requiring hospitalization 8.) Previous VTE states 9.) Paralytic stroke 10.) Hormone Replacement Therapy 11.) Oral contraceptives, and pregnancy itself 12.) Arthroscopic knee surgery 13.) Malignancy and chemotherapy 14.) Spinal Cord injury 15.) Multiple traumas 16.) Major general surgery 17.) Major orthopedic surgery 18.) Long bone fractures, or fractures of hips and pe lvis. HIGH Clinical examinations may prove unreliable, therefore decisions in terms of treatment and/or screening tests must be based upon signs, symptoms, and preexisting risk factors. In this manner, patients are grouped into low, moderate, or high clinical probability of risk. (Sandler et al. 1984) Clinical symptoms of VTE disorders may be subtle and difficult to distinguish from gestational edema, though pain, warmth,

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Queen Elizabeth 1 Essay -- essays research papers

Elizabeth I (also known as Elizabeth the Great, or the "Virgin Queen") was born in 1533 into a dangerous world of political intrigue. When she was only two years old, her father, King Henry VIII killed her mother, Ann Boleyn, because she had not yet produced a male heir. Henry's routine killing of her successive stepmothers every few years traumatized Elizabeth, who loved her father. Although Henry finally did father a son, Edward VI, the boy did not live long, dying at the age of sixteen after a six-year reign, and thus Elizabeth's older sister Mary I came to the throne in 1553. Meanwhile, the young Elizabeth showed exceptional intelligence, excelling at her studies well beyond any of the other royal children. A Catholic, Mary married the Hapsburg prince of Spain, the soon-to-be Philip II. Mary would come to be known as "Bloody Mary" for her harsh treatment of English Protestants in her attempt to restore Catholicism to England. When Sir Thomas Wyat the Younger's Rebellion threatened Mary's rule, she believed Elizabeth to have been involved in the plot and imprisoned her in the Tower of London. By a combination of luck and skillful persuasion on the part of her political allies, Elizabeth survived this ordeal and became queen when Mary died in 1558. Elizabeth quickly consolidated power and returned the country to Protestantism, passing the Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity, although by Reformation standards Catholics fared well under these acts. Wi...

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Prescribed Diet Essay

INTRODUCTION The tradition is coming since long back the food people taking depends upon the systems of the local, neighborhood and influenced by the patents and guardians. The people are accustomed to take the food that type only and they do not want to change their food and it is caused to increase of fat, cholesterol, excess weight etc. Taking of such food attraction of blood pressures, heart strokes and other diseases. The main suffers will be the family members. It is not ends with the person it extends to next generation also because the same jeans to the children. There should be some cut of point and it is now itself. IMMEDIATE REMEDIES The people identified their diseases and troubles by analyzing the diseases and started to get relief from the diseases by making exercises, taking weight loss pills. The medical industry so increased that one of the main source of income from weight loss pills. The manufacturing companies of pharmaceuticals and research wings concentrating more time with pressure how much they can release the weight loss pills with better quality to give best results. The concentration is so much that they are giving less importance to even other products for which the interest of community countered. Variety of exercising equipments released by giving various advertisements stating the weight loss can be made using of such of exercise equipment. The Community simply following according to the advertisements and acting based on the advertisements. CONCLUSION These are all linked with and based on the food. The people are not identifying this thing and they are following with the advertisements. What is the main cause all for such things? Taking of the imbalanced food. Each body of ours differs other. But we are taking the food what mother feed and what father taken and habituated to take that food only which attracts all such diseases. At this juncture everybody needs to change their food according to their body. The change of food, balanced diet definitely influence on the body. Everybody goes to the consultants for weight but instead they should go first of all NUTRITIONIST for prescription what type of food their body needs. In the present scenario, even the government should give wide publicity on nutrition whereas the Society involved and benefited at large.

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`` Incidents A Salve Girl `` By Harriet Jacobs - 904 Words

Looking back and seeing how bad slavery was not so long ago makes you think you have it so good now. Unfortunately for many African Americans that’s not the way they can tell their story. For many their story begins with being owned by someone and having absolutely no say for what they did with their own life, and had to follow somebody’s orders all the time. In the novel â€Å"Incidents a Salve Girl†, Harriet Jacobs demonstrates her story of being a slave which began when she was only six years old soon after her mother passed away then immediately being sold to her owners, the Flints, while her attempt to leave the cruel situation to gain her freedom. Jacobs demonstrates how she suffered both the physical and psychological abuse she suffered while she was a slave. The Flints, Linda’s owners were a wealthy family they owned many slaves and had them living on their land. Mrs. Flint the mistress of the land owner Dr. Flint was aware of the harsh treatment being portrayed towards these African Americans, but she never did a thing to put an end to the cruelty the slaves endured from Mr. Flint. Linda demonstrates her feelings towards Mrs. Flint for not helping her and other slaves when she saw them being sexually abused. As shown in The Trials of Girlhood, â€Å"The mistress, who ought to protect the helpless victim, has no other feelings towards her but those of jealousy and rage. The degradation, the wrongs, the vices, that grow out of slavery, are more that I can describe. They areShow MoreRelatedFrederick Douglass And Harriet Jacobs : Two Humans Born Into Slavery1282 Words   |  6 PagesFrederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs: two humans born into slavery. These characters had twistedly abusive masters, forcing them to live in the upmost inhumane way that none, of any era, deserve to endure. Douglass and Jacobs both had an intense passion to be free in a time when freedom depended on the mere color of skin. Their vision was to break the shackles of slavery, to be free, and live free. The vision did not only concern their freedom, but rather, the vision encompassed all fellow slavesRead MoreSlavery Of The United States Essay902 Words   |  4 PagesSlavery in the United Sates began in 1619. Participating in the salve trade was a way to increase the wealth of a nation. Most African American families were born into slavery as children. You were considered lucky if you and your family weren’t separated. Women had many encounters with sexual abuse and losing their children. Not only did this affect the salve, but it affected the slave’s master. Masters were superior to the slaves, which meant they would inherit more racist traits. Some mastersRead MoreSlavery During The Society Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs991 Words   |  4 Pagesbeen morally available. An insight into the life of a salve, particularly of a woman, can be seen in Harriet Jacobs’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, which gives a first-hand account of the pain and suffering of a girl who more than anything wanted freedom. Jacobs argued that women suffered the most from the inhumane slave system but such argument did not see into the lives of the men who too suffered at the hand of savage masters. Jacobs was not one to shy away from detailing the sufferingRead MoreTomas Kirklin. English 260. Paul Acosta. 5/9/17. Paper1522 Words   |  7 Pagesthe wonders of it and found it some way or another to teach himself how to read and write by himself whenever he could do so. And the symbolic meaning of body and slavery is that slavery doesn’t really exist because the master are better than the salves, it exist because the masters keep their own slaves ignorant and uneducated. After the mistress thought and got in trouble we got to see her more and more aggressive towards not only Frederick Douglass but also to everyone else â€Å"She finally becameRead MoreWomen Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs1540 Words   |  7 PagesIn the novel Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Harriet Jacobs presents what life was like living as a female slave during the 19th century. Born into slavery, she exhibits, most likely to people living in the North who thought slaves were treated fairly and well, how living as a slave, and especially as a female slave during that time was a heinous and horrible experience. Perhaps a lot harder than it was if one had been a male slave, as female slaves had to deal with issues, such as unwantedRead MoreThe Cruelest Separation By Harriet Beacher Stowe Essay2147 Words   |  9 Pagespractice used by slave owners in the United States. Several authors in the American Literary tradition have written about this subject in an attempt to prevent the horrific practice. Some such authors are, Harriet Beacher Stowe, Harriet Jacobs, and Frederick Douglass. In their writings, Stowe, Jacobs, and Douglass endeavor to portray the mental and emotional wounds created by separating a mother and child in order to combat the dispassionate destruction of human lives. While each author discusses thisRead MorePower Structure During The Era Of Slavery Essay2305 Words   |  10 Pagesexamine the condition of African people as mere commodity and later inves tigate both social and political consequences of the sexual objectification that was neglected during the slavery era by the means of analyzation of slave‟s narration by Harriet Jacob. Furthermore the existence of mulatto class gave long lasting effects to slavery. The white slave owners violated everything and executed their own perceived rights of treating the black body as a commodity, abused the slaves and by this meansRead MoreSlavery And Its Impact On Slavery1890 Words   |  8 Pagesinto hard labor for little to no earnings at all. The life of a slave was consumed by their owners, their life was not their own. As a result of these horrifying acts salves would adopt extraneous measures, techniques, and tactics to escape their painful reality. In her work, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Harriet Ann Jacobs highlights her personal story of pain, strength, and endurance throughout her time in slavery and her escape from the fastened grip of her master just like the many otherRead MoreA People s History Of The United States Essay1818 Words   |  8 Pagesthe law. In Chapter Six, Zinn has mentioned, â€Å"Sexual abuse of masters against servant girls became commonplace. The court records of Virginia and other colonies show masters brought into court for this, so we can assume that these were especially flagrant cases; there must have been more instances never brought to public light.† Zinn has also used Harriet Jacobs’s story of Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl as an example for masters attacking female African slaves. It says, â€Å"†¦now I entered onRead MoreThe Life Of A Slave Girl The Typical Slave Family1754 Words   |  8 Pagesstate of oppression. This state of oppression has been reinforced throughout generations leading into recent times where the African American community remains fractured by the same previous tactics just renamed. In Jacobs’s narrative Incidents in the life of a slave girl the typical slave family was torn apart while surviving physical and emotional punishment. Linking the African American plight to recent conditions sociologists has associated certain conclusions of U.S. slavery as having a connection